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Email marketing is at its most fundamental level, utilize email to support your company. It's a direct form of marketing, equivalent to snail mail marketing, but email marketing is much more effective for your pocket and the planet since it's fully paperless!

Over time, email marketing can be used to establish consumer trust and transform them into regular customers. It’s also an effective way to keep your customers up-to-date on new sales or promotions you run. People want to stay updated about your products and email marketing is one of the best ways to keep the community involved. In reality, a huge population of online shoppers in India, and even majority of the Kolkatans prefer subscribing to store or company notifications via emails to stay informed about the products they care for, and not to miss any new updates or sales.

Email is used by 94 per cent of Internet users. Marketing via email also helps you to meet other Internet users, even if they are not on social media. A survey found that as much as 75% of adult online users claim email marketing is now their preferred method of marketing! With the use of email marketing tools, everything can be monitored so that you can decide who opens your newsletters, who interacts through your emails on your web, and more.

Some advantages of email marketing are:

  • pocket-friendly
  • easy to track ROI
  • a greater platform to reach all your audiences
  • and the list is huge!!!!

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