• Category :Web Designing and Development
  • Date :25 June, 2019
  • Client :GCBD Pandua

Built You Website

Our Working Procedure

GBCD is a NGO organization based in Pandua they looks forward to mainstream the PWDs within their own community and to build up their capacity & confidence to make them productive as well as contributing members of the society so that they can live a life with dignity.

Our Work


Graham Bell Centre for the Deaf (GBCD)is an NGO, established in 1991, working for empowering children & persons with Disabilities.

The main focus of GBCD is creating mass sensitization on Disability and their Rights & entitlements, ensuring Education,skill training, Life skills support & Livelihood opportunities and inclusion of children & person with disabilities in every sphere of life. They are also running several clinics for audio logical assessment, physiotherapy, Mental Healthand speech therapy.

Here are some of the works that we did for them:

  • Website Designing & Development
  • Ranking
  • Local SEO

Step 01

Gather all information

Fist of all we gathered all the information from our client what they wanted their website to look like and what were there budget? After that our SEO and Web Designing team started to build their website and it took around a month to complete this wonderful project. The client was also very cooperative.

We Also Managed Their Social Media

We also handled their social media handles to make them more visible to the audience and spread their NGO locally. Major two social medias we worked on is Twitter and a Facebook Page. 

Step 03

Find Solution & Solve it

After gathering all the necessary information then we started to build the website as per their requirements.

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